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Questions for Parish Discussion

As your parish begins its discussion about how to participate in the Shine! Shine! Initaitive consider there questions:


  1. Of the focus areas suggested below (education;sharing faith; welcoming) which area would be most beneficial for us to focus on to establish a bright(er) parish future?
  2. What is our parish good at? Can we become “great” at what we’re “good” at?

Education/Growing in Faith

  1. What are the benefits of a deeper understanding of what it means to be an Orthodox Christian?
  2. What questions am I asked by friends about our faith? Am I satisfied with my answers?
  3. Is reading or attending classes the only way to grow in our faith? What other methods/approaches can help our parish to grow in faith?

Sharing Our Faith

  1. How do we as a parish communicate who we are and what we stand for? Can we improve this?
  2. Do our neighbors know that they are welcome in our church? Or, are we seen only as a source of ethnic food?
  3. Do we invite friends, relatives and neighbors to church?


  1. How many guests visited our parish in the last (e.g.) 6 months? Was that more or less than the previous period?
  2. What do we think they were looking for? How would they evaluate that? Did they return?
  3. What are the experiences of a visitor to our parish?
  4. Is our parish welcoming and friendly? In what ways yes? No? What conversational approaches can we learn for welcoming inquirers?
  5. Do we effectively help new parishioners to find a role that fits their gifts and talents?