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Why Participate?

Why Should Your Parish Participate?

Yes... you're busy. The parish is tired. Lacks the energy. "Everything is fine here". This is too complicated.

However... you CAN Do this!

Here are three good reasons to fight through the excuses and engage with this opportunity.

1. Christian Followership/Episcopal Request

The archbishop has requested that all parishes participate. Listening to and following our leaders is a sign of Christian maturity.

2. Strengthen Your Parish – Lay Down the Foundation for Bright Future

A fundamental hallmark of Christians and Christian communities is to work to become stronger and continuously improve. Every parish has opportunities to improve in the areas of the Parish Revitalization Initiative theme.

Specifically your parish’s participation:

  • Offers the potential for thorough, honest review.
  • You’ll learn about yourselves as persons and your parish as a body.
  • Your parish just may actively consider new ideas and make 'space' for them.
  • Your project may engage people on the margins of the parish.
  • Your project may encourage your church to leave its safe, insulated space and get out into community -- to shine the Light of Christ into the world.
  • As a result the community may see you and know you. And some may say “I want to learn more about that church! I like what they're doing.”
  • ‘It’ (whatever you choose to work on) might work! If it doesn’t you’ll learn how to do it better next time. 
  • As a result you just may begin to believe in yourselves… again. And,  then be encouraged to try other renewal efforts. These may impact many areas of parish life!
  • Maybe members will become more intentional about their faith.
  • Making future changes will be less daunting. Taking modest, well-reasoned risks may become a sign of the 'hope that is in us'.
  • As opposed to standing around, wringing our hands... remembering yesteryear …we will have tried!

3. Encourages Sister Parishes

Your commitment helps more than your parish. When your parish commits to this initiative it encourages sister parishes to do the same. Those other parishes may need the nudge as much or more than yours. Momentum builds. The impact across the Archdiocese is increased. There is a sense that we share a common goal of building up the body of Christ. Your project can help your parish realize the importance of making a difference beyond your church walls.