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The Seventy Attendees 2017 Small Parish Forum
The Seventy Attendees 2017 Small Parish Forum
The Seventy Attendees 2017 Small Parish Forum
Small Parish Forum 2017

Attendee Pre-Info for 2017 Small Parish Forum


Principles of Vibrant Small Orthodox Parishes -starter list 

See below for final list.

Project List for Post Forum Actions



Post Forum Materials

Principles of Vibrant Small Parishes

Final List

Materials from 2017 Small Parish Forum

  • Engaging Our Neighbor --individual talks - no handouts

Related Materials

The following materials either support the content from the Forum or are associated with topics mentions briefly during the Forum:

Extra Slides -- Joe Kormos

Envisioning a Hopeful Parish Future --Numerous articles from this page are relevant including "Core Values" , "What Kind of Parish..." and "Parish Vision Toolbox"

Parish Renewal and Revitalization -- An array of potentially useful articles.

Communications - Internal and External - Articles on Improving Websites and Parish Bulletins, Tips for taking good photographs.

Evangelization and Spreading the Gospel - Slide show intro to Orthodox Christianity, "Mystery worshippers",  Summary of Survey of Experiences of Orthodox Converts

Leadership & Parish Council - Articles on Parish Council Practices, Reorganizing parish ministries, Learning to delegate.


Small Parish Forum 2017 Photos

Photos from 2017 Small Parish Forum

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