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Attributes of a Impactful Parish Projects

As you search for a project for the Parish Revitalization Initative, realize that the best projects will:

  • Identify some clear change. Not revolutionary -- but also not insignificant.
  • Have definite ownership -- a person or group committed to moving it forward. To not let it die.
  • Manageable – when most groups undertake a development effort they bite off too much. It can’t be trivial but don’t over reach.
  • Involve and “touch” a broad cross section of the parish. An effort that involves one or two people produces little awareness or change.
  • Is an ongoing effort – not a one and done event --quickly forgotten
  • Have multiple components/layers that share a common objective.
  • Have some aspect of the initiative (if only reminders) that occurs on (every/many) Sunday(s) – so the goals and efforts are noticeable and reinforced.
  • Hopeful – clearly communicate a sense of hopefulness.