Archdiocese of Pittsburgh
and Western Pennsylvania
Orthodox Church in America
2016 Archdiocesan Assembly - Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, New Salem, PA

Glory to Jesus Christ!

 * Attached are the materials that I have received thus far for the November 5, 2016, Archdiocesan Assembly being held at the Holy Trinity parish (21 S. Mill Street, New Salem). Any material not included in this email will either be sent to you via an email or will be available at the Assembly (depending on the timing). Each parish priest is responsible for the distribution of this material to the parish delegate(s) and observers as well as the general distribution to their respective parish councils and members. We will not be mailing paper copies of this material so please download copies for use at the Assembly.

 * You are reminded that no lay delegate will be officially seated at the Assembly unless the proper delegate form and registration fee are mailed to the chancery in advance of the Assembly or presented at the registration table at the Assembly. Please make every attempt to mail these materials to the chancery in advance of the Assembly since that moves things along much more smoothly. Each parish should have already received a postal mailing that announced the Assembly and provided the Assembly forms. Please contact Omelan Mycyk at the chancery office if you need additional copies of that material. Vacant parishes need to communicate with the local Dean concerning verification of parish delegates since the Dean is administratively responsible for those vacant parishes.

 * Lay members of the Archdiocesan Council who intend to be delegates at the Assembly as Archdiocesan Council members (not parish representatives) need to notify Omelan Mycyk at the chancery email above so that an accurate count can be made.

 * All parish priests of the Southwest Deanery are invited to vest (gold vestments) for the 9 AM Liturgy - - please contact your Dean if you have any questions. (Please be prompt in arriving.) The deacons will receive serving assignments from the Dean as well. All other priests/deacons are expected to receive the Holy Eucharist at that Liturgy vested in the appropriate vestments for your clergy rank.

 * Finally, it is important that the delegates pre-read the materials before arriving at the Assembly since we will not read each report “verbatim” that day. You will, however, have an opportunity to ask questions of the author of each report as it appears on the agenda. Please especially note the report of the “Cranberry Property Subcommittee” and the related material since the subject is an important one for the future life of the Archdiocese. You are asked to use discretion in disseminating these materials beyond the “Diocesan Family” due to the possible negative ramifications of doing so.

 IMPORTANT! His Eminence reminds all parish priests that attendance is expected at the Archdiocesan Assembly except for those with major health concerns or other emergencies that may intervene. Parish priests are required to notify the diocesan administration in advance if an absence at this critical gathering should be necessary, including the specific reason that precludes your participation.

 Thank you.

 In Christ,

Fr. Bill

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